SFM Consulting is an avid supporter of wise land use and sustainable, innovative agricultural practices. The future of humanity is inextricably linked to the future of farming. As populations dramatically increase over the next decades, we will need to produce more food with less arable land. Food resources, water supplies, balanced ecosystems, and global health will all be tied to how we use land right now.

We, as a global community, are in desperate need of smart, sustainable farming practices. These types of agricultural activities provide jobs and nutritious foods on a local level while protecting fragile soils and surrounding natural ecosystems. 



Company: Finca Aquaverde Inc
Founder: Juan Dominguez Correa
Research Description:

Finca Aquaverde is a small business that consists of an aquaponics system that grows different varieties of lettuce and other greens in a sustainable way without adding synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. It is a 3 acre farm for planting and harvesting seasonal local produce including plantains, bananas, papayas, avocados, guavas, mangos and starfruits, among others. It is also a home brewery where probiotic drinks such as kombucha and water kefir are made. The business strongly believes that agriculture is the future of Puerto Rico and identifies the need for healthy, clean, local foods and methods of food production that are sustainable and eco-friendly.
They began construction 3 years ago in San Germán, Puerto Rico and have sold products at Rincon’s Farmers Market since July 2018. They are now in the process of expanding in order to satisfy the high demand for their products.

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